A House Is Not A Home



A House Is Not A Home is the third show by the Companyia Ignífuga after Fam Oculta (Teatre Tantarantana) and La norma de la extinción (Platonov) (Festival Fringe’14 Madrid, Círcol Maldà, Centro Párraga – Murcia). It is an adaptation of  Interior, by Maurice Maeterlinck, designed to be played on a non-theatrical space. The plot is simple: two persons observe from the yard the interior of a house; they have to share some bad news to the residents. But the image of apparent happiness on the interior will make it hard to achieve this goal.

A House Is Not A Home is performed on an exterior public space as the audience use headphones. The audience might feel the isolation of the house as they are able to spy the lives of its residents. This stalker action adds a soundtrack that turns the spectator into an active witness of the show’s situation. A single word can disrupt the order of events and transform a peaceful home into an inhospitable place.


The belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck wrote less than a hundred years ago a theatrical piece, in one act, which have an astonishing poetic and emotional intensity.  Interior is the title of that shooting, hurtful and apparently plain play. It’s narrativity is almost circumstantial, just a pretext to bring out emotions and generate atmospheres, real focus of the text by the belgian dramatist.  Protected by the darkness of the night two persons observe the interior of a family house from the yard. They must transmit bad news to the family: one of the family’s daughters just death. But the vision of the domestic peace will turn into a mishap nearly unachievable. Who legitimacy us to break this peace? How can we confront the certainty that just one word can upset the order of the things forever? Are really safes the little bastions that we build (a house, a community) for protect us from the world? Is a home necessarily a physic space?

A House Is Not a Home is a self-created show that is based on the original play of Maurice Maeterlink to explore new formal territories and look for new ways of scenic experimentation. It’s a theatrical experience conceived to be represented in a non-thetrical space: into the little house structure builded specially for the show and placed in isolation in a public space.

A House Is Not a Home is also theatre of individual experience. The theatre as artistic form have a specific characteristics that makes it unique in front of other artistic expressions: it’s development in absolute present, the physicality of it’s content, the comunitary ritual that appears between audience and play. For these motives we believe that A House Is Not a Home is a good example of what could be the lifesaver of theatre in front of others disciplines: the emotional experience (and not just narrativity) as a way to reach the artistic reflection.


A House Is Not a Home
Based on Interior by Maurice Maeterlinck

A show by Companyia Ignífuga

With: Cristina Arenas, Eduard Autonell, Òscar Castellví, Marina Congost, Anna Enrich, Toni Guillemat, Aleix Melé and Júlia Rodón
Direction and dramaturgyPau Masaló
Space, lighting and costume designer: Irene Dobón and Alba Macfarlane
Musical composition: Rayo-60
Sound design: Nicolás Villa and Juan Manuel Castrillo
Movement assistant: Marta Hervás
Assistant director: Roberto Romei
Construction of staging: La Forja del Vallès

Thanks to: Roger Bernat / FFF, Grup Xarxa (Torelló), Teatre esSela, Jordi Rodón, Ramon Autonell, Xavier Masaló, Mercè Aregall, Sílvia Ferrando, Victoria Szpunberg, Raúl Torres, FiraTàrrega, vecinos de Claravalls, mecenas de Verkami, Nau Ivanow

Duration: 70 minutos
Language: show available in catalan, spanish and english. (We can arrange translations to other languages too).

This show includes a short walkabout. The audience of the show use headphones. The spectator must let a ID document in deposit.

A House Is Not a Home will premiere in FiraTàrrega 2015 on september 11.

Suport a la creació


Photographs by Irena Visa ©

Photographs by Aleix Melé ©


The production of A House Is Not a Home has only been possible because of the collaboration of our patrons:

Laia Alberch, Paquita Álvarez, Txell Álvarez, Ernest Amat, Maria Andreu, Marc Autonell, Ramon Autonell, Albert Baquero, Laura Bosch, Marc Cartanyà, Joan Casamitjana, Roser Casamitjana, Glòria Codina, Laia Colom, Ester Congost, Joan Congost,Roser Congost, Joaquim Daunis, Ariadna Dot, Albert Elias, Marina Estaña, Mercè Estela, Dolors Farrés, Jaume Forés, Borja Fuentes, Cecilia Gafarot, Tona Gafarot, Lluis Galter, Irene Gil, Pepa Gili, Berta Gómez, Neus Güell, Raquel Martín, Xavier Masaló, Eira Melé, Carmen Mercadé, Gemma Moraleda, Sergi Moreno, Jaume Nogué, Montserrat Nogué, Joan Plana, Joan Pons Solé, Jordi Puig, Ana Rodón, Àngels Ribas, Mercè Rovira, Marta Serra, Pere Serra, Laura Serrats, Eva Sol, Marta Solé, Gal Soler, Javier Torres, Kriss Vilà, Laura Viladrich, Blanca, and many others.

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